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Puppy Portrait

Amanda J

Training with Jess has been such a positive experience for my dog "Dolly," and I. Jess exudes passion in her work and her love for animals is undeniable. In just a couple short months, "Dolly" has mastered many essential commands and continues to make strides in her progress. Jesses plethora of knowledge and experience with many breeds makes her an excellent resource for pet owners. Most importantly, Jess has helped us to build a relationship based on trust and mutual respect, and for that we are eternally grateful!

Golden Retriever

Abigail T.

So thankful for Jezzie Paws!! I have a very hyper active dog that I wanted to get more comfortable with basic commands but I was struggling on my own. Within one session my dog was no longer lunging and biting to grab his treats out of my hands. We have come a long way with my dogs focus and commands in just 6 sessions, I am so thankful to have found this business! Trust the process and you will definitely see results

Beagle Puppy

Kelly B.

So far, we've attended 5 private dog training classes for our 6 mo old extremely dominant Lab/Shepherd pup. We also have an 8 year old Lab/Border Collie dog.  Not only has Jessie helped us understand the sometimes unpredictable behavior of our puppy, she's teaching us how to change our own behavior to help desensitize our pup's heightened awareness of his surroundings. Her patience, consistency & calm demeanor alleviate our frustrations & she takes the time to explain the whys behind everything she does.  It's obvious Jesse genuinely loves dogs & her candor about what she's gone through to train her own dogs makes us feel like we're not alone. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dog trainer.

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