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I am a certified dog trainer that does basic training and problem-solving. The services I offer are dog training, walking and drop-in visits. Not just another client. My clients are treated like family. They can email, text or call me day or night. My training room is set to be a stress-free family atmosphere. I want it to feel stress-free for the owner and the dog.

I am proud that my company has allowed me to help owners and their dogs bond. I am proud to have space where my clients train in a stress-free environment. I grew up with animals and have a passion helping different animals. Being around the animals is what makes me happy! The reason I started my own business was to be able to provide dog owners with training that was affordable and centered around building a relationship around trust. I have a Newfoundland who was very reactive to a number of things such as cars, other dogs or any animal and food aggression. I went to various places to get help training him and dealt with the same problems at each location and with a variety of trainers. He was treated as an outcast and was not allowed to participate in any of the activities that the other dogs were engaged in. I decided to try one-on-one training, but the prices were too expensive for my budget.

I also had a Bernese mountain dog. I spent a pretty penny sending my dog to boot camp. He was only there for a few weeks and I was told that he would come back to be trained. After boot camp ended, he listened to me for a few days, but because I was not involved in his training it did not last.

These two experiences taught me very valuable lessons. One is that dogs cannot be categorized as “untrainable.” I trained my dog myself because he was put in this category. I also learned that owners need to take part in their training just as much as the dogs do. That is why I have made it my life mission to continue to educate dogs and dog owners.

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