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Drop–In Visits Operations Policy
1. Please make sure to leave payments on the first or last assigned drop-in visit. If the payment is late, there will be an additional $25 late fee added.

2. Personal checks are a permitted form of payment, but if your check bounces you will be charged an additional $35.00 fee.

3. Please make sure to text or call us before 8am the day of a scheduled drop- in if your schedule has changed, or you will be charged for that day of assigned time.

4. Please note that there is a higher cost for drop- in visits depending on the dog’s temperament/ reactivity and location.

5. If you are signed up for obedience training (facility or home) you cannot move any funds to the drop–in visits, as they are separate services.

6. Please make sure to have enough of the proper food, treats and medications for the time frame that you have scheduled for visits.

7. Please make sure to leave out the proper attire that you use to walk the dog.

8. If you are working on any training with your dog please inform us when you are scheduling the drop-ins, so we can keep up with the dogs training.

9. If there are key pad changes, please let us know. Also if you have a key to please leave it or provide us with a spare. If you don't and we can't get in, you will still be charged for the drop- in visit.

10. Walk times could fluctuate due to the weather for the safety of both the person and dog.

11. Please keep me posted on any medical conditions or medication that the dog is on so we can ensure we handle your dog with proper care.

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