Drop in Visit

When you're away from home on a business trip or vacation and you need someone to take care of your dog/dogs like you were there, then I can help.

This in-your-home service that includes:

  •  Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner served as directed

  •  Fresh, cold water is given in clean bowls

  •  Potty breaks as needed

  •  Dog Poop removal

  •  Tidy up any messes that may have been made (potty accidents, toys, etc.)

  •  Social interaction is given like playtime, walks, brushing​​

  •  Send a picture of your dog/dogs  once a day via text or email

  •  15 minute drop in visit is $18.00 per visit

  •  30 minute drop in visit is $25.00 Per Visit ​​​​

Price may vary with reactive/agressive dogs or location

I customize plans to meet each client individual needs. Please call me at 508-320-3696 or email jezziepawsdt@gmail.com for more information.